Why have the LED status meter if my goggle battery already has one?
While some goggle batteries and enclosures do come with status lights, some packs do not. Having power status LEDs on the JAS allows the operator to monitor their battery packs that didn’t come with one. 

Is the JST cable a balance plug?
No. The JST cable only has power on the two outer wires/connectors. 

Can I use the JST cable as a balance/charge lead?
No. The JST is output only on the outer two cables to supply power to goggle fans only. The middle JST cable is not connected to the battery. 

Can I use 3s, 4s, 5s, or 6s batteries with this?
No. Only way to use batteries 3s and above will require a separate regulator. 

Do I need to disconnect the wire from the switch to the goggles?
No, the wires can be left connected.